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The New Heart of Liberty Village

This development will contribute to the ongoing evolution of Liberty Village as a mixed-use complete community delivering office, retail and residential uses framing an expanded and improved public realm. At the centre of the site is a new public park – Liberty Village’s new green heart.

A New Public Park

Sculpted planters framing a flexible plaza provide the park’s special identity and support a variety of year-round activities. The planter islands provide informal seating and a healthy setting for large canopy trees to thrive.


The design enhances views west to the Hinde and Dauch Paper Company Power House and its large brick stack, while the planting screens views of the adjacent Metro parking lot. An industrial palette of materials and furnishings celebrate the historic warehouse character central to Liberty Village.

Liberty Village_V4.jpg
Liberty Village_V5.jpg

Snooker Street Extension

The Snooker Street extension has been designed as a complete street, using woonerf strategies to facilitate pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle movement. Featuring coordinated paving and high-quality landscape elements, Snooker Street will be fully integrated with the surrounding public realm to contribute to an attractive pedestrian environment.

The Urban Plaza

Located at the important intersection of East Liberty Street and Lynn Williams Street, the Urban Plaza will anchor the striking gateway building at 120 Lynn Williams Street.


The space features four large canopy oak trees, sloping pollinator gardens, an amphitheater and upgraded paving. The proposed design will also provide opportunities for informal seating, bicycle parking and clear access to retail and lobby entrances.

Liberty Village_V2.jpg
Liberty Village_V3.jpg

The Promenade

The tree-lined promenade extends from the public park to the urban plaza at the East Liberty Street frontage. Lined with comfortable seating, tree planting buffers and pedestrian scale lighting, the promenade will provide a welcome and safe diagonal link from the King Street Car stop to key destinations within the community.


The paving treatment and embedded rail tracks proposed within the park, promenade and plaza areas will add a playful element of movable seating and reinforce the industrial character of the surrounding heritage buildings.

Looking to see the Application?

You can use the City of Toronto portal to track the applications & submissions materials.

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