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What's coming to the heart of Liberty Village

In just a few decades, what was once a collection of time-worn buildings on forgotten lands has been transformed into an eclectic, urban hotspot. Today, Liberty Village is a meld of upscale residential, statement-making workspaces and hip hang-outs. First Capital is excited to share its vision for the Shops at King Liberty. We are seeking to create energy and connection with new links, public spaces and experiences to enhance this community.


Located in the heart of Liberty Village, a new public park will merge industrial with nature -- creating a walkable botanical greenway surrounded by natural landscapes, public art and historic architecture reminiscent of the area’s industrial history. Building on the energy of this eclectic neighbourhood, the vision includes a new pedestrian promenade extending from the corner of East Liberty Street to Snooker Street, merging with the public park to create an open-air piazza with outdoor patios, markets, and new shops and restaurants lining its edge.


We are working towards completing the neighbourhood at Liberty Village by creating new linkages that will integrate with existing and future transit infrastructure – connecting you to life in Liberty Village, and beyond. Our pedestrian promenade was built to move people along safe routes to get them to transit, bridges, and parks; all under 8 minutes on foot: King Bridge, West Toronto Rail Path, West Queen West and King Highline.

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12,100 sf

A New Public Park

Open Communication

Open Communication

Working with the Community

Working with the Community

Social Media

Social Media

Email Updates

Email Updates

41,600 sf

A New Pedestrian Promenade, Links & Outdoor Spaces

695,800 sf

A Diverse Range of Housing Options

33,700 sf

Shops, Markets & Eateries

70,500 sf

Office Space, Co-Working & Places to Work

Get Involved!

Working with the Community

We wanted to let you know that the City of Toronto has hosted the Community Meeting #1 about the proposed plans for the Shops at King Liberty, and the First Capital Project Team has participated.


This meeting was an opportunity to learn more about the vision, the project, and to ask questions to First Capital, the City, and your Councillor. We'll post a recap of the meeting shortly.

Community Meeting #1: City Hosted

Thanks for your input! The platform is now closed. You can send any questions or comments to

Answers to questions will be online very soon. Stay updated on project information and ways to get involved by opting in to receive email communications below!

View the full presentation from the meeting here.

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The Project Team

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Shops @ King Liberty


Project Overview

The proposed development includes the following elements:

Block A at 75 Hanna Avenue is proposed as a 4 storey office podium with retail at grade and two residential towers at 29 and 34 storeys.

Block B at 120 Lynn Williams Street is proposed as a 7 storey podium with retail at grade and the second level and a 33 storey residential tower above.

Approximately 41% of the site area is devoted to public realm elements - the Public Park, the Snooker Street Extension, the Promenade, and the Urban Plaza.

Snooker Street Extension

The existing private street that extends east from Hanna Avenue to the edge of the development site in front of 75 Hanna Avenue, will be dedicated as a public right of way.  The Snooker Street extension will improve circulation through the site, supporting all modes and providing frontage for 75 Hanna Avenue and the new public park.

The Pedestrian Promenade

The tree lined Pedestrian Promenade extends from the public park to the urban plaza at East Liberty Street. Lined with comfortable seating, tree planting buffers and pedestrian scale lighting, the promenade will provide a welcoming and safe diagonal link from the future GO station to key destinations within the community. This promenade will further support pedestrian mobility by connecting East Liberty Street with Snooker Street and destinations further west including the King streetcar and the planned SmartTrack station.

Project Timeline

Draft Plan of Subdivision Application

Revised Submission

Final Submission

Zoning By-Law Application

Community Meeting #1

Community Meetings - Upcoming

We are here!

Development Approvals

Liberty Village Update_V1_15.04 3.jpg
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